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Joining the Team

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Aneurin Bevan Community Health Council is a statutory organisation representing the interests of National Health Service (NHS) patients in Gwent. We offer a local link between those who run the NHS and those who use it.

At CIC Aneurin Bevan, we cover all aspects of the NHS and have the following rights:
  • for the Health Board to consult us on significant changes to healthcare patterns in Gwent
  • To visit a site
  • have formal meetings with the Health Board and obtain the information we need to carry out our duties
At Aneurin Bevan's CIC, we do the following:
  • Monitoring the quality of local services
  • make suggestions to improve the standard of healthcare
  • act as patient advocates by providing advice, information and support in making a complaint
We represent you by doing the following:
  • listening to public and patient opinion
  • visit hospitals and other health services
  • conducting independent surveys to gain patient and public opinion
  • involving people in local consultations
  • Responding to consultations on changes to local health services
  • recommend improvements to local services
We are currently looking for full and co-opted members from across Went. The jobs are not paid jobs, but any expenses are reimbursed.

For further information, support or advice, please contact

Miss Jemma McHale, Chief Officer
of Aneurin Bevan
Community Health Council Ty Raglan
6-8 Clôs William Brown
Business Park Cwmbran
NP44 3AB

Tel: 01633 838516